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I believe we should have a comprehensive system of prevention, service, and support options for adults and children with mental illness or emotional disturbance, substance use, and/or intellectual or developmental disabilities. All components of the system should be person-driven, family-centered, community-based, results and recovery/resiliency-oriented.  Services and supports should be offered so that people and their families have access to the appropriate level of services that are affordable, accessible, and will truly meet their needs. As your county commissioner, I seek to:

Enhance partnerships and build relationships with the community, governmental/ non-governmental entities, and other service providers to prioritize community health needs, services, and accountability metrics.

Work toward a broad and inclusive data system that removes the barriers to information sharing and promotes transparency.

Evaluate the impact of investments in education, prevention and treatment measures to ensure accountability.

Support community awareness, education, and other prevention and early intervention strategies.

Support dynamic and innovative ways to provide evidence-based services and support.

Support community-based service options that are affordable and easily accessible.

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